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How do I search by keyword?
  • The Keyword field is mandatory.
  • 'Year from' and 'Year to' are optional.

To search on one year only, fill out the 'Year from' field only, while leaving the 'Year to' field blank.

Names are usually written as either 'Black, Hermann David' in the lists of Members of the University, or 'Black, H.D' in exam results and prize lists. A better result is given if you search Last Name, First Initial only. Staff are usually Initials, Last Name, for instance 'H. D. Black', but ensure you include spaces between stops.

Searches over all years may take take upwards of a few minutes, please be patient.

Note: At present only Calendars from 1852 to 2007 are searchable by keyword. To search from 2008 you will need to search the Calendars by year and use the Find facility from within each PDF document.

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